Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Interview - B. J. Daniels - Lucky Shot

Please welcome back to the blog NYT and USA Today bestselling author, B. J. Daniels whose here to chat about her just released today #3 in her Montana Hamiltons series.

ISBN-13: 9780373788552
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 11/24/2015
Length: 368pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound/Audible


He's determined to uncover the truth behind a decades-old disappearance—even if it kills him
When hotshot reporter Max Malone gets a rare shot of Buckmaster Hamilton with a blonde woman near Beartooth, Montana, he chases down one of the senator's daughters to verify that the woman is his supposedly long-dead first wife. But Kat Hamilton won't give him the time of day, let alone any information about her mother.
With his tousled blond hair, sexy stubble and an old straw cowboy hat topping off his long, lean frame, Kat can just tell Max isn't used to female sources denying him anything. But when her own life is put in jeopardy, it's Max who comes to her rescue. Seems someone is prepared to kill to keep the past in the past. Kat can't deny she needs Max to find out what happened to her mother, but will getting closer and closer to each other lead them to the truth…or to danger?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Interview - Kristina McMorris - The Edge of Lost - Review

I'm so happy to welcome back to the blog a favorite author, Kristina McMorris. She's here today to chat about her latest historical novel inspired by Alcatraz. Interested how and why, read on and she'll tell you.
Click HERE for a Goodreads giveaway of this book.

ISBN-13: 9780758281180
Publisher: Kensington Books
Release Date: 11/24/2015
Length: 352pp
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From bestselling author Kristina McMorris comes an ambitious and heartrending story of immigrants, deception, and second chances.
On a cold night in October 1937, searchlights cut through the darkness around Alcatraz. A prison guard’s only daughter—one of the youngest civilians who lives on the island—has gone missing. Tending the warden’s greenhouse, convicted bank robber Tommy Capello waits anxiously. Only he knows the truth about the little girl’s whereabouts, and that both of their lives depend on the search’s outcome.
Almost two decades earlier and thousands of miles away, a young boy named Shanley Keagan ekes out a living as an aspiring vaudevillian in Dublin pubs. Talented and shrewd, Shan dreams of shedding his dingy existence and finding his real father in America. The chance finally comes to cross the Atlantic, but when tragedy strikes, Shan must summon all his ingenuity to forge a new life in a volatile and foreign world.
Skillfully weaving these two stories, Kristina McMorris delivers a compelling novel that moves from Ireland to New York to San Francisco Bay. As her finely crafted characters discover the true nature of loyalty, sacrifice, and betrayal, they are forced to confront the lies we tell—and believe—in order to survive.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ho Ho Ho Harlequin Holiday Extravaganza - December's Festive Line up, Authors, Guest Posts and More Oh My!

Its almost time for my annual, Ho Ho Ho Harlequin Holiday Extravaganza, sponsored by The Reading Frenzy and Harlequin.
This years I'm changing things up, instead of interviews each contributor, starting with me will present to my readers a guest post featuring a favorite Holiday Tradition or Holiday Memory that is special to them. I'll still showcase the author's Holiday Novels and include my review courtesy of RT Magazine.
Here's the Line up
Be sure to stop by everyday because there are many giveaways and to celebrate Sarah Morgan's late December release of the second in her Puffin Island novel Harlequin is sponsoring that giveaway.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guest Post- Mingmei Yip - The Witch's Market - Review

Today I'm happy to bring back an author who's become a favorite. Her novels are a mix of fantasy and realism and all have taken me to faraway exotic places. The Witch's Market is no different, it's fun, fantastical and genuine.
Please enjoy Mingmei's guest post where she gives a bit more insight into the inspiration and the experience of The Witch's Market. Then I'll give my review.

ISBN-13: 9781617733239
Publisher: Kensington Books
Release Date: 11-24-2015
Length: 352pp
Pre-Order It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound


From the author of Secret of a Thousand Beauties and Peach Blossom Pavilion comes a beautifully written novel of self-discovery and intrigue.
 Chinese-American assistant professor Eileen Chen specializes in folk religion at her San Francisco college. Though her grandmother made her living as a shamaness, Eileen publicly dismisses witchcraft as mere superstition. Yet privately, the subject intrigues her.
 When a research project takes her to the Canary Islands—long rumored to be home to real witches—Eileen is struck by the lush beauty of Tenerife and its blend of Spanish and Moroccan culture. A stranger invites her to a local market where women sell amulets, charms, and love spells. Gradually Eileen immerses herself in her exotic surroundings, finding romance with a handsome young furniture maker. But as she learns more about the lives of these self-proclaimed witches, Eileen must choose how much trust to place in this new and seductive world, where love, greed, and vengeance can be as powerful, or as destructive, as any magic.

From the Publisher
 “Inspiring, courageous story...Yip's prose is simple yet descriptive, immersing the reader in the sights, sounds and smells of rural and urban China.”  
Booklist on Secret of a Thousand Beauties
 “A unique and enthralling style…flawless.”
–Baltimore Books Examiner on The Nine Fold Heaven
 “Surprising and often funny….Part epic, part coming-of-age story, part modern fairy tale.”
Publishers Weekly on Song of the Silk Road

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset

Its my immense pleasure and privilege to bring you a showcase of Quirk's newest adult paper doll playset. The leading role is played by no other than our very hopeful 45th and 1st Woman president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
So when Quirk offered me a copy if I'd "play" with dolls I jumped at the chance. It's been years since I played with paper dolls that were very popular when I was a kid. And boy did I have a blast!
Sit back and enjoy my day of playing with dolls and with history  ;-)

ISBN-13: 9781594748318
Publisher: Quirk Publishing
Release Date: 11/17/2015
Length: 12pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/IndieBound


It may not be an election year, but you can cast your vote early with the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset! This fold-out book features replicas of the Oval Office and other White House locations, plus perforated paper dolls of Hillary Clinton and all of her political pals and adversaries. Be HRC’s chief of staff as she takes questions at the press podium, hashes out tough negotiations in the Situation Room, or even consults with the ghost of Abe Lincoln. Complete with a pop-up cast of characters and accouterments (Bill comes with a lawn mower to keep him busy), this fun and feminist-friendly playset is perfect for Hillary fans young and old.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Furies by Natalie Haynes - Showcase

Today I'm happy to be showcasing the paperback release of The Furies by Natalie Haynes

ISBN-13: 9781250048011
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: PB-11/17/2015 HB-08/26/2014
Length: 304pp
Buy It: B&N/Amazon/Kobo/IndieBound/Audible


"Steady pacing paired with well-timed foreshadowing and fully realized characters make this one compelling from the beginning. Fans of Donna Tartt's The Secret History (1992), Erin Kelly'sThe Poison Tree (2011), and Tana French's The Likeness (2008) will likely enjoy the new perspective Haynes' conversational style offers to similar material." —Booklist 
After losing her fiancé in a shocking tragedy, Alex Morris moves from London to Edinburgh to make a break with the past. Formerly an actress, Alex accepts a job teaching drama therapy at a school commonly referred to as "The Unit," a last-chance learning community for teens expelled from other schools in the city. Her students have troubled pasts and difficult personalities, and Alex is an inexperienced teacher, terrified of what she's taken on and drowning in grief.
Her most challenging class is an intimidating group of teenagers who have been given up on by everyone before her. But Alex soon discovers that discussing the Greek tragedies opens them up in unexpected ways, and she gradually develops a rapport with them. But are these tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge teaching more than Alex ever intended? And who becomes responsible when these students take the tragedies to heart, and begin interweaving their darker lessons into real life with terrible and irrevocable fury?
Natalie Haynes' The Furies is a psychologically complex, dark and twisting novel about loss, obsession and the deep tragedies that can connect us to each other even as they blind us to our fate.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Interview-Review Paul Goat Allen - Rise of the Northmen Anthology

Today I'm so happy to welcome to the blog an old friend, fellow moderator from the B&N.com book clubs, genre fiction book reviewer, author, poet. blogger and all around Renaissance Man, Paul Goat Allen. He's here today to tell us about his novella in the anthology, Rise of the Northmen.
Take it Paul!

Publisher:  Corvus Corax LLC
Release Date: 11-10-2015
Length: 2381 KB (274pp)
Buy It: Amazon/Kobo

Rise of the Northmen